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Medical Treatment Abroad - FAQ

1. Healthcare and tourism sounds contradictory ?

The people most likely to use Recover Discover are those who are burdened by high cost of elective healthcare or are uninsured or underinsured. Corporate entities are increasingly looking at us to help them save cost of employee healthcare using medical treatment as a viable and affordable alternative. Individuals troubled by long waiting lists in countries like Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand all look at Recover Discover as a lost, high quality alternative.

2. Why should I use services from you (Uday Tours)?

Uday tours and Travel helps you obtain high quality healthcare at fractional costs lower by almost 70% (compared to USA/UK) Hospitals /Medical institutions we are affiliated to offer internationally accredited healthcare facilities backed by highly qualified health professionals. We also help in making travel arrangements and providing options for a vacation in India.

3. What are the qualifications of the Doctors in India? Do these hospitals have the latest technology and equipment?

All of the physicians/ surgeons we deal with are highly trained meeting international medical qualifications. Most of them are trained abroad in the US, UK etc. and have been exposed to working in hospitals abroad. All medical treatments are addressed by specialists in particular medical domains. The technology applied is the latest.

4. Will I need a translator in India?

All medically trained staff are fluent in English at our affiliate healthcare facilities. English is widely spoken throughout India, particularly in the large cities. Your local Concierge will also be there to help and will be extremely well versed in both the local language and English. For non-english speaking guests we help provide a translator. Translators are available for French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, etc.

5. Why is Medical Treatment in India so cheap?

No, thats not the case; its not cheap in India, it is equally expensive ther as well. Due to the current Rupee/Dollar/Pound/Euro exchange rate foreign clients can take advantage of the relatively weak Rupee vis-a-vis the currencies such as Pound, Dollar or Euros one derives savings of up to 65% over the same treatment in their own countries with no compromise on quality. For the average Indian, Private medical care is very expensive, but for those visitors with Sterling, Euros or Dollars it is a bargain price considering what you would pay back home for an elective procedure with a top specialist with no long waiting list.

6. What information would I need to provide?

You need to provide a complete medical history from you anad tests specific to the disease as prescribed by the consulting doctor.

7. How safe is the information that I enter onto your website?

Any information you enter our site is secure. We protect all your personal information and do not rent, sell any of your personal information.

8.How can I correspond with a doctor/s on your panel?

We will help facilitate the initial consultation between you and our recommended doctor in India and additional dialogue before traveling can be conducted via phone, email and/or video-conference, as required.

9. Will I have my own room in hospital?

Yes, you will be provided with a private air conditioned room with a television and telephone and washroom. Each room can also accommodate the person accompanying you free of charge. You can have a dedicated 24 hr nurse to aide you with your care and a dietician will be available for you to work out any dietary concerns.

10. Should I bring someone with me?

Yes, we recommend that you do bring someone with you.

11. How much will it cost me?

The rates vary depending on procedure and whether there are added costs of additional treatment. Travel and touring and post operative recuperation costs will be separate.

You may please write to us for a querry other then above.


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